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Introducing our Meditation Box, the perfect addition to your mindfulness routine. Our box includes a Slow Lines Co. notebook for reflection, Tiny Tapers Meditation Candles and holder to set the mood, a mini jar of Matches for convenience, Drinking Chocolate to savor in a moment of mindfulness, and a Merak & Co. Roller Pulse Point in 'Still' to promote relaxation. Plus, two Rainbow Moonstone & Selenite Stick crystals to enhance your meditation practice. Ideal for journaling rituals and meditation practices, our Meditation Box is the ultimate self-care package.




  • Slow Lines Co. blank Journal 
  • Merak & Co. pulse point roller in 'balance' 
  • Meditation candle kit by Tiny Norah 
  • Delixious drinking hot choloate 
  • Jar of mini matches 
  • Polished rainbow moonstone and selenite stick 

Meditation | Mindfulness Box


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