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Welcome to Slow Lines Co. blog

Welcome to the Slow Lines Co. blog!


Here I will be documenting my experience of embracing the pace of slower living. I'll be sharing ways I am slowing down and also becoming more sustainable for me personally and the Slow Lines Co. brand!

I will be covering a variety of topics such as trips, food and sustainability. There will be the occasional mood board of the styles and other things I am enjoying! But overall, it will be highlights of things I am doing and enjoying.

Sustainability has always been an interest and priority of mine, but the lockdown from COVID19 has made me really think about and evaluate my current buying habits. I'll be sharing my new buying habits; reducing my consumption of 'new' things from big brands and focusing on shopping small and second hand!

I have always felt guilty for slowing down and enjoying down time because I have always had projects or deadlines of some kind or another. I am hoping this space makes me feel more accepting and have a full understanding of the need of balance.

Self worth should not be determined by productivity.   

Please feel free to comment and share any thoughts or experiences you have had with slowing down or becoming more sustainable in the comments!

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