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Get Ready to Unbox Serenity: Our New Collection of Mindfulness and Wellness Boxes Coming Soon

I've been spending some time over the last few months trying to figure out what direction I would like Slow Lines Co. to go in. I've been sure to take my time on this as I can sometimes rush products to sale and I don't end up being super proud of them. I wanted this time to be different and I wanted this to be good.

I love painting, but it's such a personal thing to me that over time the pressure to create for profit made it difficult to be in a creative mindset. I wanted the new products to be a creative process and encapsulate the values of Slow Lines Co. and ways to incorporate them into the everyday. What do I enjoy? What energy do I want to put out to the world?

Mindfulness boxes: simple and small ways to add moments of calm into your life.

The intention behind these boxes is to bring a sense of slow living into the day to day. Little rituals to bring joy and balance. These rituals don't need to be another thing to add to your to do list, they need to be something you enjoy.

I was apprehensive to launch them at the beginning of the year as it co-insides with the 'new year, new me' bullshit of having to reinvent or fix yourself. We don't need to be fixed, we need time and space to sit with ourselves and fill our time with things we enjoy, no matter how small they are.

These boxes bring together a number of products from myself as well as other independent UK businesses. A number of boxes will be a Slow Lines Co. staple product whilst others will be a limited edition. I like the idea of being able to curate new boxes with varied product combinations and explore new small ways to bring joy and mindfulness into peoples lives and I've already got a few ideas for future boxes - I'm having to remind myself that I don't need to do everything all at once.

I've tried to bring in different senses to the boxes, some with lovely scents such as the Slow Lines Co. bath salts as well as candles and pulse point rollers from other makers. A few of them will have an element of taste with the mini chocolate bars and drinking chocolate. I always find hand cream is a simple and easy way to have a moment of mindfulness and the smell and feel of the Never Go Alone hand cream is the perfect product for this. I'll be doing more posts on the blog and Instagram to properly introduce the other makers who have kindly allowed me to stock their products to include in the boxes. These brands deserve all the credit for their products as there wouldn't be these boxes without them! I've always wanted to stock other makes that I love, from other brands with the same values as myself and I find these boxes are the perfect way to do it. Each box will have an introduction card which will tell you about each brand in the box.

The 10 Mindfulness Boxes will be launching Thursday 01/02/2024 along side new Slow Lines Co. stationery products which I'm so excited to share with you all!

Ridges in pale beige sand in the light of a low sun casting shadows on the ridges

Slow Lines Co. - creating mindful moments

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