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Rachel started Slow Lines Co. in Spring 2020, focusing on creating clay pinch pots and wall hangings, painted with original designs. As the business has evolved, so has Rachel's creative processes, now creating small-batch abstract and texture paintings, prints, stationery and a handful of homewares. 


Meet the Maker

I started Slow Lines Co. because I wanted to create collections of homewares and artwork that incorporate neutral, minimal & abstract patterns. 

I love to make products for things that I enjoy everyday; textured art, trays for my jewellery, pots for my plants and eventually mugs for my tea. 

When I'm not making, I'll most likely going for walks up the canal, drinking tea and getting cuddles from my two family dogs, Alfie & Charlie. 

Rachel Robbins



You can explore the current collection of Slow Lines Co. below 

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Rachel Robbins

Creative of Slow Lines Co


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